Hip turning at Waterbaby concert!

Waterbaby at Fitzray’s Lounge, London Ont. January 28 2017

I saw Waterbaby band on Saturday night at the Fitzray Stage, at the corner of Talbot and Dundas. They were the second band playing before Gypsy Ghosts.

Now. Yes, now when I say that “I saw Waterbaby,” I’m saying, you know, that I heard musicians having lots of fun and also, most famously, that I got to dance with a wild and excited crowd!

Waterbaby is

  • Jessica Vanden Boomen (lead vocals),
  • Keegan Marshall, drums,
  • John Fellner, guitar,
  • Aidan Wasse, bass,
  • Willem Cown, trombone, and
  • Imogen Wasse harmonies.

I have seen these fine musicians evolve over the last 8 months.

On Saturday, I saw a band which is maturing – everyone is highly skilled at using their instruments to make the funky and innovative sounds the band thrives on!

Tonight, the band started its energetic set with the sharp rhythms of Burning Down the House. This was followed by alternating between early songs and recently composed songs. The band payed one of its  hallmark songs, “Tommy,” and then we were treated to two recent compositions that are featured in the upcoming EP.

Throughout, John displayed virtuosity. Imogen and Keegan created the aural atmosphere that propelled the dancing in front of the stage.

At times Jessica was not using her guitar, preferring instead to do hip hop moves and hand gestures typical of rappers, LOL!  Meanwhile, Aidan and Willem added a lot of musical colour thanks to strong performances on bass and trombone.

During the concert, Aidan was also the lead in a cover version of Gardenhead by Neutral Milk Hotel.

A lot of people danced to the music – it was an exciting concert.